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While Book Printers focuses mainly on the creation of exceptional books and publications, we do offer a range of additional products that complement the book trade, as well as the promotion of goods and services in general. After all – the best way to ensure that the word spreads about your book, business or cause is to get it out there in the form brochures, magazines, flyers, leaflets, folders, posters and swing tags. Browse our selection of high-quality printed products to find the option that best suits your marketing requirements.


Brochures are an evergreen marketing tool that never seems to go out of style, and with good reason – a well-produced brochure sums up the unique selling point of your goods or services in a visually-compelling way that speaks directly to your target demographic. When you partner with Book Printers on the production of your leave-behind collateral, you’ll be taking advantage of an expert team of printing professionals that can provide you with unbeatable insight into what works, and what doesn’t. More Info | Get a Quote

Invoice Books

Book Printers offers a range of custom invoice books that can be tailored to suit the overall look and feel of your brand. Make a lasting impression by presenting your clients with high-quality invoices that state all your particulars in a user-friendly layout, while still tying in with the rest of our branded marketing material. Our contemporary printing- and binding techniques result in a long-wearing product that can be ordered as required. More Info | Get a Quote


Printing a magazine in South Africa can be a tall order if you don’t have the right printing partner by your side. Book Printers now offers South African retailers and independent publishers the opportunity to print high-quality magazines at an affordable rate. As a boutique printing house, we have all the in-house support required to produce magazines against challenging deadlines. With our team by your side, you can rest assured that your magazine will be produced according to your guidelines every time. More Info | Get a Quote

Flyers, Pamphlets & Leaflets

Flyers, pamphlets and leaflets can be printed in high quantity and easily distributed in public or at suitable events to create awareness for everything from party rentals and retail sales, to book launches and music festivals. The tactile and visual nature of this marketing medium makes it particularly suited to the book trade, which hinges on those same qualities, but holds similar benefits for everything from multinational corporations, to startups and NGOs. Get a Quote

Swing Tags & Neck Tags

Brands with existing products in a retail space have valuable real estate that can be used to point their target demographic and other passersby towards complementary products, competition pages, engagement platforms and more. By using swing tags or neck tags to increase the amount of printable space available for your marketing message, you can vastly improve your return on investment. There is even potential for cross-brand collaboration! E.g. a neck tag around a sunscreen bottle can point a reader to a travel magazine, or a swing tag around a wine bottle may inform the buyer about a gripping new novel. The only limitation is your imagination. Get a Quote


There is nothing that pulls together a presentation or marketing proposal quite like a polished folder that echoes the brand values of the business it represents. At Book Printers, we offer a comprehensive range of folders that can be adapted for use across various industries – from advertising agencies and roaming representatives, to publishers and large businesses who need to present their product lineup in the best light possible. A well-produced folder often means the difference between information that ends up in the recycling pile, and proposals that end up on the decision-maker’s desk. Let’s get yours where you need it to be. Get a Quote


Expertly designed posters are a very effective form of advertising. Whether you are hoping to draw attention to your product, service, event or cause in public spaces like bus stops and lamp posts, or prefer to make use of targeted areas such as schools, movie theatres, hospitals or restrooms, posters can be used to great effect. Book Printers offers an array of poster printing services in various sizes and on a wide selection of paper stock to increase brand awareness and facilitate effective promotional drives. Get a Quote

Feel free to reach out to our expert team for more information about these products, request a quote or discuss a custom product that might not have been mentioned here. We look forward to tailoring a solution that suits your needs.

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