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Book Printers offers a turnkey portfolio of book-printing services that range from hardcover and coffee table books, to diaries, magazines, journals, reports, catalogues and more. We also offer thesis and textbook printing services for educational applications. Browse our selection of high-quality printing solutions to find the option that best suits your requirements, or feel free to get in touch if you would like our expert advice on the matter. Let’s find the best way to get your message out there.

Choosing the Book that Works For You

Depending on the nature of your intended publication, there are a variety of book options available that can be tailored and customised to your specifications. Read on to find out more about the types of books we print.


Photobooks are meticulously curated collections of photographs, bound in a book format. They serve as a timeless medium for preserving cherished memories, documenting significant life events, or showcasing the artistic vision of photographers. What sets photobooks apart is their ability to encapsulate moments in a visually stunning form, making them more than just a collection of images. More Info | Get a Quote

Hardcover Books

Hardcover books are an excellent option if you are promoting your publication to serious book collectors, would like to celebrate a debut work, or foresee that the first edition of the volume in question will become a prized possession down the line. Hardcover books are typically printed on demand, and can be produced with or without a dust jacket. There is also a number of options available in terms of binding. More Info | Get a Quote

Paperback Books | Softcover Books

Paperback books are a quick, cost-effective solution for book distributors and self-publishers who want to spread their content far and wide, and make it affordable for the general reading public. Also known as softcover books or booklets, these units are normally quicker to sell and have the potential to give your publication a wider reach due to its affordability. Paperbacks can be bound in various ways to ensure a sturdy product that will hold up against frequent use. More Info | Get a Quote

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table book formats vary greatly according to subject matter and the personal preference of the author or compiler, but are normally oversized and hard-covered. This type of book is ideal for the display of enticing visual images and concise bursts of text that can be enjoyed in a shorter amount of time. Normally, the author wishes the book to be a showpiece or conversation starter that can be displayed in common areas and shared spaces within homes and businesses. More Info | Get a Quote

Branded Diaries That Work for Your Business

A professionally bound, well-branded diary is one of the simplest ways to promote your business all year round. Read on to find out how we can customise a diary that suits the needs of your clientele.


Branded diaries are a wonderful way of keeping a business top of mind with its core clientele. By distributing such a useful item at the right time of year, you can ensure that your logo and company information stays within easy reach of existing customers and the decision-makers of businesses you’d like to attract. By tailoring a diary in your corporate colours and filling it with value-added content that appeals to your target demographic, you are effectively creating a 365-day advertisement for your company. Get a Quote

Magazines That Make A Mark

Magazines play a vital role in society – distributing information and entertainment in an affordable format that can be used and exchanged among multiple users. Read on to find out more about our magazine printing services.


Whether your content is related to sport, beauty, business, agriculture, nature, photography, fashion, engineering or any other specialised field under the sun, Book Printers offers a magazine printing solution that will tick all your boxes. From industry-specific magazines that are distributed to roleplayers within a certain field, to widely applicable publications that can be read and enjoyed by a broad spectrum of readers, we do it all. More Info | Get a Quote


Where as magazines and similar periodical publications are largely aimed at the general public, with news, opinion pieces and personal narratives, journals normally comprise scholarly periodicals that are developed for and aimed at researchers or specialists in a given field. We offer a range of journal printing services that satisfy the stringent requirements of this specialised field. This includes medical and scholarly journals, as well as general reviews for industries as varied as finance and psychology. Get a Quote

Commercial Printing Services

Our range of commercial printing services include annual financial reports, brochures, catalogues and more. Whether you’re presenting statistics or promoting your services or goods, the Book Printers team is ready to provide you with a world-class showcase.

Annual Financial Reports

Although annual reports are in essence technical documents that provide insight on a company’s activities and performance throughout a given year, it can be elevated to the realm of promotional material with the correct approach. We take great pride in working with our clients to tailor annual financial reports that reflect their company’s internal ethos and simultaneously provide easily-consumed data, and a valuable platform to generate added impact by promoting the overall business narrative. Get a Quote


Essentially a small book or magazine that contains images and information about a product or service, a well-executed brochure has the potential to become an compelling and highly effective marketing tool in the right hands. From half-fold, to tri-fold, single gate fold, four-panel fold, double-gate fold and Z-fold, we do it all. We even tackle four-panel accordion folds and four-panel roll folds. Get in touch with us for your company’s particular promotional content. Get a Quote


A catalogue is more than just a list of the goods or services your company provides – it is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression with the person on the other side of the printed page. By investing in high-quality, well-printed catalogues, your business is sending a message that it values its clientele and wants to provide them with a seamless purchase process from start to finish. Book Printers offers a range of custom catalogue solutions for trade, corporate and small business applications. Get a Quote

Academic & Educational Texts

The academic realm calls for specialised printing solutions that pave the way for effortless learning and the proper dissemination of educational materials. Book Printers offers the following educational printing services:

Text Books

The digital learning environment may be developing very quickly, but there will always be a demand for printed text books. Many students report that the tactile element of interacting with printed learning material adds to their retention of the information it contains, and studies by academics agree. Book Printers offers a range of text book printing services for discerning educational institutions that want to give their learners the edge with user-centric course materials that provide a suitable platform for a variety of subjects ranging from linguistics, to mathematics and more. Get a Quote


As trusted thesis and dissertation printers and binders for a wide variety of scholars from all walks of life, Book Printers takes great pride in providing publication solutions for discerning academics who are ready to share their discoveries and research findings with the world. We work closely with each scholar to determine their printing and binding needs, and to determine a dissertation printing solution that suits their timeline and budget. Get a Quote

These are the book printing services, diary and magazine solutions, commercial printing services and educational printing options we currently have available. Feel free to get in touch to learn more about these services, request a quote or to discuss a custom printing solution that wasn’t mentioned here. We look forward to discussing your requirements.

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