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To accommodate the needs of our discerning client base, Book Printers now offers custom brochures that can be designed and printed according to your unique marketing needs. As marketing materials go, brochures are one of the most versatile and affordable tools any business can have in its leave-behind arsenal. From standard 6-page brochure printing to bespoke jobs that require some serious finesse, the Book Printers team can do it all. We’ve assisted countless businesses across all sectors to spread the word about their goods and services, and we can do the same for you. Here’s how.

Expert Brochure Printing for Exceptional Results

Promotional materials like full colour brochures may seem like an expensive option when you start shopping around, but when you partner with Book Printers you benefit from our extensive infrastructure and fine-tuned buying power. By keeping up to date with the latest printing technologies and sourcing the most affordable raw materials available, we are able to create beautiful promotional brochures that have a premium feel without the hefty price tag.

Business Brochure Printing

A professional brochure is an important piece of promotional material that continues to spread your marketing message long after you’ve left the room. High quality brochures that have been designed with conversion in mind condenses your service or product offering in a way that makes it easy to understand and simple to remember. The key is to be memorable without being verbose; showing rather than telling. At Book Printers, we have the art of the brochure down to a T.

All About Sizes and Types

Our brochure portfolio ranges from A3 brochure printing to 5-fold brochures and everything in between. These are a few of the most popular types we supply. If you don’t see the brochure you need here, don’t be concerned – we offer it! Simply get in touch for more info.

Our Most Popular Brochure Sizes

  • A3 brochure printing
  • A4 brochure printing
  • A5 brochure printing
  • A6 brochure printing

Our Most Popular Brochure Types

  • Tri-fold brochure printing
  • 5 Fold brochure printing
  • 2 Fold brochure printing
  • 4 Page brochure printing

Current Promotions

A5 Booklet – 8 Pager self cover
Quantity Unit price Subtotal VAT Total
10 35.9900 359.90 0.00 359.90
50 16.7200 836.00 0.00 836.00
100 14.2800 1 428.00 0.00 1 428.00
250 12.8500 3 212.50 0.00 3 212.50
500 12.3700 6 185.00 0.00 6 185.00
A4 Booklet – 8 Pager self cover
Quantity Unit price Subtotal VAT Total
10 39.2600 392.60 0.00 392.60
50 23.2600 1 163.00 0.00 1 163.00
100 21.2000 2 120.00 0.00 2 120.00
250 20.0600 5 015.00 0.00 5 015.00
500 19.6900 9 845.00 0.00 9 845.00
DL Brouchures – A4 folded to DL
Quantity Unit price Subtotal VAT Total
10 33.7900 337.90 0.00 337.90
50 11.9100 595.50 0.00 595.50
100 9.0800 908.00 0.00 908.00
250 7.3800 1 845.00 0.00 1 845.00
500 6.8400 3 420.00 0.00 3 420.00

The Best Brochures In the Business

Choose Book Printers for the best brochures in the business. We look forward to discussing your requirements and tailoring a printing solution that suits your budget and marketing goals. Our team of printing experts are at your disposal to provide seamless assistance from start to finish, so please feel free to contact us for more information or an obligation-free quote.

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