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Hardcover book printing is a binding method favoured by novelists, chefs, photographers and other discerning authors. Here’s some more information on hardcover book printing and how we use it at Book Printers.

Is Hardcover Book Printing the Same As Hardbound?

Yes, it is. Hardcover printing is often referred to as hardbound. Other terms used to describe this binding method include casebound, and hardback, although casebound actually refer to a particular type of hardcover book. These terms are used interchangeably, but when you’re dealing with a reputable book printing company, you’ll find that ‘hardcover’ is the moniker of choice.

Do My Hardcover Books Really Need a Dust Jacket?

Not necessarily. lossy, attractive dust jackets used to to be the norm when it came to hardcover book printing, since it provides the author with a handy space to share sales copy and other information, as well as protecting the book in the long run. However, these days authors also have the option of choosing case wrapping, which involved full-colour printing on white stock that can then be laminated for a glossy finish.

How Do I Know if Hardcover Book Printing is Suitable For My Project?

Easy – reach out the Book Printers team. As a trusted hardcover book printing company, we have the know-how and experience required to help you make that call. Depending on the type of publication you have in mind, we’ll be able to tell you if you should go the hardcover route, or opt for a different binding method.

Which Types of Books Can Be Hardbound?

The hardcover binding method is favoured by the authors of novels, cookbooks, coffee table books and more. If you want your publication to make an impression and last a long time, hardbound printing could be a good option.

Find Out More About Hardcover Book Printing

Do you need more information about hardcover book printing to decide whether it’s a suitable binding method for your project? Get in touch with the Book Printers team directly, or simply go to our Get A Quote page. Our in-depth quote form has been designed to give us all the information necessary to make an informed recommendation, so it’s a simple way to get a definitive answer from our team of printing experts.

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