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Paperback book printing is popular with authors who want their content to be accessible and easily slipped into a handbag, backpack or airplane carry-on. This includes everything from children’s books and romance novels, to travel companions, poetry, religious books and more. Today’s readers require convenience, and softcover book printing is the answer to this need.

If I Choose Softcover Printing, Will My Publication Last?

Modern-day paperbacks are a lot more sturdy than those of yesteryear. Softcover book printing companies like Book Printers are well-versed in the contemporary applications of this cost-effective binding method, which means that you’ll be getting an affordable rate, as well as a product that will hold up under regular use.

What Are The Benefits of Softcover Books

When you choose paperback printing, you’ll enjoy a quicker turnaround time, and the lower cost of this binding method means that you’ll be able to make your publication available at an attractive price point. As such, it’s likely that your sales will be higher than those of more expensive hardcover books. In short – it’s ideal if you’re looking for popular appeal.

Which Types of Books Are Normally Released as Paperbacks?

All kinds! It’s a very versatile binding method that lends itself well to a wide variety of books. In fact, many authors who have their books hardbound, also choose to make a softcover version available for readers who look for a lower price tag. Books that are normally distributed as paperbacks include young adult fiction, collections of poetry, romance novels, graphic novel and more.

What Does Perfect Binding Have to Do With It?

A softcover book is bound together by the process of perfect binding. Essentially, the back folds of the pages are removed and the bound together by glue, as opposed to stitching or stapling. So, in short, a paperback is the product; perfect binding is the term used to describe the process of putting it together.

Find Out More About Softcover Book Printing

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