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Saddle stitch book printing is one of the most popular production methods for smaller booklets and slimmer volumes, mainly because it is a cost-effective binding solution that also happens to be very durable when applied correctly. Here’s a little more insight into saddle stitching and how we use it at Book Printers.

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A5 Booklet – 8 Pager self cover
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A4 Booklet – 8 Pager self cover
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What Exactly Does Saddle Stitch Book Printing Entail?

In simple terms, the process involves gathering folded sheets together inside one another and stapling it together through the fold line from the outside to clinch the entire volume together between the innermost pages. Once this is done, the pages are trimmed to ensure that the product has a clean and uniform edge.

Why The Odd Name?

It’s an interesting story actually. Every industry has it’s jargon, and the printing industry is no different. We call the stapling process ‘stitching’, which explains one half of the term. The ‘saddle’ part was taken from the appearance of the apparatus we use to secure the loose pages while it’s being stapled, which looks a lot like a horse saddle.

How Do I Know if Saddle Stitch Books are Suitable for Me?

Ideally, you should get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and give you our expert opinion. However, the rule of thumb is that the saddle stitch book printing method is suitable for the binding of books with a page count in multiples of four that does not exceed 68 pages. More than that and the booklets tend to ‘jump open’ rather than remain neatly closed when not in use. If your book has more pages, perfect binding or coil binding may be a better option.

Which Types of Books Can Be Saddle Stitched?

Saddle stitch book printing is suitable for a variety of smaller publications, including programmes, manuals, directories, larger brochures, newsletters, magazines, calendars, lengthy mailers, comic books and more. When you partner with a reputable saddle stitch book printing company, this method will result in shorter turnaround times and lower costs – an ideal combination!

Find Out More About Saddle Stitch Book Printing

Would you like to learn more about saddle stitch books or find out whether it is a suitable binding method for your book or publication? Get in touch with the Book Printers team to get advice from one of our printing experts, or go straight to our Get A Quote page to fill in a quote form and receive a tailor-made quotation based on your unique printing and binding requirements. We look forward to learning more about your project and assisting you in creating a beautiful, cost-effective product.

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