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At Book Printers, our expertise is not limited to book printing and the creation of high-quality marketing material – we also offer a range of specialised printing techniques that provide our clientele with the ability to get truly creative. In fact, when you collaborate with our seasoned printing team, the only limit to what we can achieve is the reach of our collective imaginations. From foiling, embossing and die-cutting, to lamination, book gilding and more, our specialised services have been tailored to let books, magazines and other printed materials stand out, catch the eye and drive sales like never before.


Foiling is a great way to add a touch of style and elegance to any printed product. Whether it is applied to a logo, text or design element, this specialised technique creates sophisticated, eye-catching results that elevate printed materials to a new level. By impressing a thin film of metallic foil onto a document using a tailor-made stamp, our team can transform everything from stationery and business cards, to certificates, presentation folders and more. Foiling is available in gold, silver & a variety of other colours. Get a Quote


By altering the surface of paper stock for a three-dimensional effect, embossing creates a stunning visual effect that can be further enhanced in combination with foil stamping and other printing techniques. The Book Printers team uses heat and pressure to press a design, pattern or text onto paper stock by means of a metal plate that permanently reshapes the paper fibers. Embossing is often used on certificates, business cards, brochure covers, invitations & more. Get a Quote


Die-cutting is the process by which we develop a custom cut-out for use on the business cards, neck tags, boxes, presentation folders and other speciality print products for a particular business. By developing a wholly unique shape to form part of your marketing collateral you are setting the stage to leave a truly memorable impression. There are countless applications for this technology – get in touch with our creatives if you want to discuss your desired look & feel. Get a Quote


Lamination is the process of bonding printed matter to a clear plastic film. Most commonly, the film is applied to both sides of a printed piece so the final products is fully enclosed in the plastic sheeting. This way, each document, business card, brochure, folder (or whatever you happen to laminate) is protected from stains, moisture, wrinkles and many other environmental processes that could otherwise shorten its lifespan. Lamination is also a wonderful way to add rigidity to printed matter. Get a Quote

Book Gilding

Book gilding is an age-old art that brings to life the edges of a book, elevating the look and feel thereof when it is on display. If you want a book or publication to look classic and timeless, there are very few things that beats edge gilding. Additionally, the gold leaf also protects the fine edges of the pages from dampness, acidity and the natural oils present on the hands of the people who page through it. As such, book gilding offers both functional and aesthetic benefits. Get a Quote

Book Repair and Rebinding

If you are a book lover or a collector of rare tomes or manuscripts, you’ll know that older volumes are often in need of a little TLC before they can make their way onto your shelves. This is why Book Printers offers a full range of book repair and rebinding services for the novice and connoisseur alike. Whether you have a rare first edition that needs attention, or simply want to rebind a book that holds sentimental value, we can assist you in doing so. Get a Quote

If you would like to know more about our specialised services, it’s as simple as reaching out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Request a quote, or get in touch to discuss your specialised requirements. We are on hand to provide you with seamless assistance from start to finish.

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