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You don’t need to be a graphic designer to design your business card. With our easy-to-follow steps, you can create your business cards online and make your brand image a reality. Your business, your brand, your way!

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Custom Business Card Printing

Did you know? Alongside our book services, we’re a top choice for business card printing. With a vast clientele across South Africa, we excel in creating standout collateral for your brand. Business cards offer a simple, classy way to make lasting connections. A beautifully designed business card crafted with quality materials, enhances engagement and memorability, boosting ROI for businesses and professionals alike.

Your business is one of a kind, and your business cards should reflect that. Whether you are seeking to make an instant, tangible impression with premium quality modern business cards, or eager to learn how to create your own business cards, Book Printers has you covered.

How Can I Make My Own Business Cards With Book Printers?

Thanks to our easy-to-use online business card design tool, you can design your own business cards effortlessly. All you need to do is choose from a variety of templates, customise the details and once done, place an order to bring your unique vision to life. You can also create your very own business card online from scratch! Our versatility and customisation options make it incredibly convenient to create the perfect business cards, no matter the industry. From real estate business cards to spa business cards, our wide range of templates and card quality helps match up all kinds of businesses you are into.

Amazing, High-quality Business Cards Printing Methods

When creating business cards, there are various printing methods available to enhance your design. 
  • Double-sided business cards allow for more information and creativity.
  • Spot UV business cards incorporate a glossy, raised effect on specific areas, adding a tactile element.
  • Foil business cards feature metallic accents for an elegant and eye-catching look.
These techniques, along with the expertise of a leading business card printing company, can elevate your business card design and leave a lasting impression on potential clients or customers.

Ready To Create And Print The Perfect Business Cards?

Design your personalised business card online with ease. Choose your favourite template and use our online editor to turn your vision into reality.

Business Card Sizes - What You Need To Know

The standard business card size is typically 8.9 cm by 5.1 cm or 88.9 mm by 50.8 mm. These are the commonly used dimensions for business cards in metric units, namely cm and mm. However, it’s worth mentioning that custom business cards can vary depending on specific requirements or regional preferences. It’s always a good idea to consult with your printer or business card company design guidelines to ensure your business cards fit within the desired dimensions.

If you are considering having visiting cards or business card printing done near you, it helps to collaborate with a team that has a proven track record. Doing something like this in person can be very rewarding, but the great thing about the digital age is that you can also create your own business cards online and have them delivered to your door. Since printed materials of this nature are on the smaller side, shipping costs are also nominal – so don’t be deterred by the prospect of using a Cape Town printer if you live in Gauteng or the Eastern Cape, for instance.

Business Card Printing For Business: Inspiration And Tips

To create business cards online, it helps to look at examples of professional business cards that do the trick in particular industries, or lean into a particular look and feel. Luckily, as you browse through our extensive collection of designs, you’ll discover business card printing options tailored to every type of career.

Modern Business Cards

When it comes to designing modern business cards, consider unique layouts to stand out in South Africa’s competitive market. Experiment with black backgrounds for a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for making a lasting impression. Add a touch of elegance by incorporating gold accents, creating striking corporate business cards.

Remember to balance aesthetics with essential information and maintain a clean and modest design. These attention-grabbing business cards will leave a memorable impact on potential clients and partners.

Premium Business Cards

For a distinguished touch, consider impressing customers with a variety of eye-catching or textured card finishes that elevate your brand. Embossing adds visual interest and thoughtful design elements that give you an edge. While the business card printing price may vary, the investment is worth it for the lasting impression it creates. 

You could also opt for a vertical layout to break the traditional mould and make a bold statement. Ensure your design adheres to the standard business card size, and choose elegant fonts and colours that reflect your brand’s aesthetic. We aim to make you stand out, to make you be remembered with beautiful premium or luxury business cards.

Photography Business Cards

Capture attention with simple yet captivating photo business cards. Consider using transparent materials for a unique and modern twist that showcases your creativity. Customising your creative business cards with eye-catching images or logos adds a personal touch that sets you apart. 

To convey a sense of luxury and professionalism, opt for high-quality materials and finishes for your cards. Whether you’re a freelance photographer or running a studio, these visually stunning business cards will further differentiate your business, emphasising your talent and dedication to your craft.

Construction business cards

When it comes to construction business cards, embrace a minimalistic design that showcases professionalism and clarity. Opt for a clean and simple layout that highlights essential contact details and your company logo. Additionally, you could consider using laminated materials for a durable and polished finish that withstands the rigours of the construction industry. 

The lamination adds a layer of protection, ensuring your business cards remain in pristine condition. These minimal and laminated business cards will leave a lasting impression on potential clients and partners, reflecting the reliability and quality of your construction services.

Electrician Business Cards (And Other Crafts)

Craft a powerful first impression with professionally designed business cards tailored to your specific trade. For electricians, mechanics, handymen and welders, opt for a design that reflects the industrial nature of your work, using bold and vibrant colours to showcase your expertise. 

For your hair stylist business cards, restaurant business cards or artist business cards, consider incorporating elegant and inviting visuals that capture the essence of your craft. Regardless of your trade, ensure that your business cards convey essential contact information and reflect the quality and professionalism of your services.

These are just a few examples of industries and individuals the Book Printers team can and have supported over the years. We’ve also done bakery business cards, plumbing business cards, salon business cards, and medical business cards. Not to mention leave-behind collateral for lawyers, doctors, attorneys, real estate professionals, cleaning services, DJs, and many more!

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Get started with your personalised business card online in just a few clicks. Have questions or special order requests? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. You’ll get high-quality print products and expert service with our affordable business cards package. We look forward to hearing about your unique project and making your business card vision an ROI-boosting reality.