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The Book Printers team loves books, but we also excel at poster printing. From office poster printing for NGOs and SMEs to poster marketing campaigns for big multinational companies, we are here to translate your vision into print. To get you inspired to use this printed medium to your full advantage, here are some insider info and tips on making the most of it.

Our Poster Printing Prices And Specials

Colour Poster Printing Quantity A0 Poster A1 Poster A2 Poster A3 Poster
140gsm Saturn (Indoor) 1-10* R99 each R70 each R50 each R20 each
200gsm Trisolve UV (Outdoor) 1-10* R150 each R99 each R60 each R30 each

*Minimum of 2 posters per order

Poster Printing – Understanding The Basics

Completely new to the world of posters? No problem! Let the Book Printers team guide you and show you the way. Here are a few important things to consider when you first start to explore this.

Why Posters Are So Popular?

Posters have gained immense popularity as a printing medium in South Africa. Businesses rely on posters to promote their products and services, leveraging the visual impact to capture attention and generate interest.

Conferences utilise posters to present research findings, engage participants, and facilitate knowledge sharing. Architecture posters showcase innovative designs, captivating audiences with their creativity. Carnival posters exude vibrancy, attracting crowds to festive events.

With their versatility and visual appeal, posters continue to captivate audiences, making them an enduring and effective medium for communication.

Poster Advertising Sizes

In metric terms, poster sizes are commonly denoted using the A-series paper sizes. The A0 poster size measures 841mm by 1189mm, making it the largest in the series. It offers a spacious canvas for impactful designs and detailed information. A1 poster size measures 594mm by 841mm, slightly smaller but still substantial for capturing attention.

A2 poster size measures 420mm by 594mm, providing a balance between size and portability. A3 poster size measures 297mm by 420mm, ideal for smaller displays or limited wall space. These standardised metric sizes ensure consistency and ease of use when designing and printing posters.

Types Of Poster Ink

Experience the versatility of our cutting-edge poster printing technology as we empower you with the choice of three exceptional inks.

Opt for our indoor ink, ensuring vibrant colours and sharp details for eye-catching displays in any indoor setting. Alternatively, embrace the power of our eco-solvent outdoor ink, designed to withstand the harshest elements while maintaining remarkable colour durability.

For the ultimate in longevity and resilience, select our UV ink, guaranteeing long-lasting, fade-resistant posters that thrive both indoors and outdoors. Whatever your vision demands, our poster printing solutions promise unmatched quality and durability for every occasion.

Infographic Poster Benefits

Infographic posters offer numerous benefits, especially when printed in A1 size. These visually compelling displays combine information and graphics to effectively convey complex concepts. Using black and white or printed in full colour, these posters maintain a clean and professional aesthetic.

Infographic posters are a powerful tool in poster marketing, as they attract attention and engage viewers with their concise and visually appealing format. Their ability to present data in a clear and memorable way makes them highly effective for educational purposes, presentations, and promotional campaigns.

Event Poster Advantages

Event posters, including campaign posters, festival posters, and band posters, offer a multitude of advantages. These visually captivating displays serve as powerful promotional tools for events, capturing attention and generating interest.

Campaign posters effectively communicate political or social messages, rallying support and creating awareness. Festival posters showcase the lineup, dates, and theme, enticing attendees and creating anticipation. Band posters promote gigs, showcasing the band’s image and style, attracting fans and boosting attendance.

Popular Poster Types And How To Tailor It

There are certain poster types that have become a staple in our business, and we have learned quite a bit about tailoring them for optimal return on investment over the years. Here are a few top tips from our printing experts:

Church Poster

When designing church posters, consider these helpful tips for maximum impact. For a Christmas poster, incorporate festive colors and imagery that evoke the holiday spirit. When creating concert posters, feature bold typography and captivating graphics that reflect the genre and mood of the performance. For fundraising posters, emphasise the cause and use compelling visuals to inspire support.

Consider using a vinyl poster material for durability and a professional appearance. Regardless of the type, ensure the poster conveys essential information clearly and prominently. Engage the audience with visually appealing design elements and use imagery that resonates with the target audience, encouraging them to take action and participate in church events.

Food Advertisement Poster

A food poster should showcase appetising images of the dishes, making viewers crave the food. For promotional posters, highlight special offers, discounts, or limited-time deals to create a sense of urgency. Restaurant posters can also be used to showcase the ambience and unique features of the establishment.

Use high-quality images, vibrant colours, and bold typography to grab attention. Incorporate the restaurant’s logo and contact details for easy identification. With careful attention to design elements, food advertisement posters can effectively entice customers and drive foot traffic to just about any restaurant.

Education Poster

When designing educational posters, keep these tips in mind for effective communication. An environment poster should feature captivating visuals and concise messages about sustainability and conservation. Mental health awareness posters should focus on destigmatisation and include helpful resources. Graduation posters can celebrate achievements with vibrant colours and inspiring quotes.

Health posters should provide clear information on healthy habits and practices. Library posters can highlight the benefits of reading and feature diverse book covers. Utilise engaging visuals, legible fonts, and organised layouts to ensure information is easily understood. By incorporating these elements, educational posters become powerful tools for promoting knowledge and awareness.

Product Advertisement Poster

When designing product advertisement posters, consider these tips to create compelling visuals. For a gym poster, showcase fit and active individuals using the equipment to inspire motivation. Salon posters could display stylish hairstyles or beauty treatments to attract customers.

Fashion posters can feature models wearing the latest trends to captivate the audience. Sale posters should emphasise discounts and limited-time offers to create urgency.

Use high-quality images, bold typography, and vibrant colours to make the product poster visually appealing and impactful. An advertisement poster for any product should have attention-grabbing headlines and clear images that highlight its unique features.

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